How to Trick Yourself into Saving Money

February 25, 2019

Do you want to save money, but can’t quite bring yourself to do so? You’re one of those people that have to trick themselves into spending money. While you have good intentions, you’re just not capable of putting money into a savings account. Here is how to trick yourself into saving money.

Start a secret bank account

Did you know you can have a bank account that you don’t touch. Yes, this is when you get money direct deposited into a bank account. The upside of this is that you won’t have access to this bank account. You will trick yourself into saving money because it’ll be deposited somewhere that you won’t see it. There is no limit on the amount of savings accounts you can have rather! The more money you save, the better. Emergencies know no bounds. Another option is to use an investment service that’ll make your money grow, such as a crypto self managed super fund (SMSF). This will put your money to work and improve your retirement funds.

Give your money to someone else

Are you really saying this? If you can’t control your money, then it’s time to put it into the hands of someone that can. Give your money to someone else to save! Of course, you need to make sure it’s someone you trust. They don’t have to hold onto your money, but they should put it into a bank account that you don’t have easy access to.

Tell yourself you’re saving for something you really want

It’s hard to save money when you aren’t motivated to do it. With this at the forefront of your mind, you can tell yourself you’re saving up for something you really want. In reality, this money won’t be used for that. Instead, you’ll have a savings put back for when you really need it.

 Get your spouse on board

Usually, with a couple, there is a saver and there is a spender. Get your spouse on board with saving, if they are the saver! If you’re the spender, then it’s time to trick yourself into saving by letting your spouse take control of this one. Saving money is always a good idea, especially if it’s a team effort. You never know, with your permission, your spouse may soar in the savings department.

The next time you want to save money, you may need to trick yourself into it. There is no shame in doing this. You can’t be good with everything. Saving money can be hard, which is why you need to have a plan in place.

These are just a few ideas, here are a few more

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