3 Annual Car Money Savings Tip

September 25, 2021

Your car is not something that should be sucking money out of your wallet. Nowadays modern engines offer at least 30 miles per gallon, many of them offer up to 40 on average. The cars built now are tougher than ever. The materials require less and less maintenance, such as a switch over from iron or steel, to aluminum and fiberglass. They also have better chassis which don’t crack and twist as much anymore. And yet, so many of us pour money into our cars and wonder why we don’t have as much left over at the end of the month. So here are some annual things you can do, which will save you money all throughout the year.

Better insurance

We’re going to start with a cliche subject, car insurance. You need to read more here about the options you have and not just go for the insurance plan you think will save you the most. Sometimes, you save more money by taking a slightly more expensive insurance plan because of the perks. So if you want to change your oil, tyres or small things like the bumper or dented car panel, you may not pay as much with a better insurance plan. Going for the cheapest plan doesn’t always save you money. For the next 12 months, a lot could happen. You don’t want to regret taking an insurance plan that doesn’t cover basic costs like changing oil or winter tyres discount fitting.

The best tyres

Once again, tyres that are the cheapest aren’t always the best. It’s a good idea to research the kind of surfaces you experience. Tarmac is tarmac everywhere but it has different effects on the tyres regarding climate. Hotter tarmac found in Texas will wear out your tyres quicker as the rubber is ripped off the tyres because of the heat transfer. Colder tarmac will not harm your tyres as much but it can become brittle if you park outside in the cold. So obviously, buying tyres that have the best medium approach is going to save you money. Try a brand like Goodyear that makes brilliant all-weather tyres.

Plan your route

Are you sure you have the best commute route? You should try and plan every route that is commonplace in your lifestyle. If you go to the gym every other day, to work every morning and to the grocery store on the weekend, plan these routes out. You can always get traffic updates and road work updates to avoid log jams on the road. See where you can save the most fuel by driving at a slower speed, i.e. when you go downhill, when you can draft from the car in front and the straightest possible line to where you need to go; and as few stops-starts as possible.

You can save money annually by fitting all-weather tyres, planning all your common routes and choosing a perk-rich insurance plan but as affordable as possible.

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